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Feature your channel on Screenlace

Screenlace is all about showcasing the real stories of successful YouTube channels. If you want to share your story with an engaged audience of new/aspiring YouTubers, read on:

Why should I feature my channel on Screenlace?

  • Gain a permanent traffic source for your channel (outside of YouTube)
  • Improve your SEO/Google search presence
  • Boost your personal brand with a long-form interview
  • Make a difference & set an example to countless new/aspiring YouTubers
  • It’s free!

Am I eligible to be featured?

There are no hard, fixed criteria but here are some positive indicators:

  • >100K subscribers
  • Earning >$1K/month (USD)
  • Reasonably high engagement on videos (relative to your subscriber count)
  • Willingness to share how much money you make, your content process, how you got started (etc)

How it works

The whole process is free and takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete.

1. Submit your channel’s information via the form below
2. If eligible, you’ll be sent a Google Doc with questions to complete (which takes ~1-2 hours)
2a. Alternatively, you can book a 1 hour call to do the interview if that’s preferred
3. Once finished answering the questions, there’ll be a review phase (with additional questions/comments if needed)
4. After the review phase is done, the article is published (only after your approval)

How do I apply?

Thanks for your interest! You can apply using the form below. You’ll get an email with next steps.