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  • svgOctober 15, 2022Case Studies

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    Channel Stats Name – 外國人介紹台灣 – Lukas in TaiwanNiche – Travel/Vlog/EntertainmentSubscribers – 209kWatch time – 1.8M hours (lifetime), 80.2k hours (September – monthly)Revenue ($ per month) – ~$4K USD/monthVideos published – 322Date of first video – August 3rd 2018 (when I started YouTube seriously)Employees – 0 (solo) Why/what made you want to start this YouTube channel? There are two reasons why I started making YouTube videos.

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    svgJuly 27, 2022Case Studies

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    Channel Stats Channel name and link – AsianometryNiche – History, Technology, ScienceSubscribers – ~270KWatch time – 3.3M (monthly)Revenue – $3-5K/month (from AdSense & Patreon)Videos published – 316Starting date (of first video) – 10th May 2017Employees – 0 (solo) Why/what made you want to start this YouTube channel? I worked in Silicon Valley after graduating from college. After 10 years, I got tired of it and moved to

  • svgJuly 11, 2022Case Studies

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    Channel snapshot (at time of posting) Name – RestalgiaNiche – Gaming (retro), technology, product/software reviews, tutorials, unboxingSubscribers – 34,600Watch time – 4500 hours (30 days), 310K (lifetime)Revenue – >$5K/month from all related sourcesVideos published – 266Date of first video – Jan 1, 2017 (but didn’t begin trying to build channel until Oct 31, 2018)Employees – solo (but recently started working with an editor) Why/what made you want