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  • svgDecember 7, 2022Case Studies

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    Channel Overview (at time of writing) Name – Shimmy MorrisNiche – Finance/Print on Demand/Online Business/Side HustlesSubscribers – 68KWatch time – 367k hours (lifetime), 6.9k hours (monthly)Revenue – $10K/month (USD)Videos published – 586Date of first video – July 20th, 2016Employees – 0 (solo) Why did you start this YouTube channel? I never went to university and wasn’t a strong student in school. I loved creative arts

  • svgOctober 18, 2022Case Studies

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    Channel Stats Name – iRushAlwaysNiche – GamingSubscribers – ~240KWatch time – 872K hours (lifetime), ~100K hours (monthly)Revenue – ~$8K USD/monthVideos published – 905Date of first video – January 14th, 2017Employees – 0 (solo) Why/what made you want to start this YouTube channel? I started YouTube as a hobby during my early years in school. I was going through a rough patch in my life